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    Lucy was amazing, taking on board all my goals and encouraging and motivating me


    I have been going to Lucy’s bootcamp sessions in Victoria Park for years keeping my fitness levels up and meeting some lovely people along the way, but when I got engaged in June 2020 after a lockdown of eating, drinking and no exercise I knew I needed to step up my training! I discussed with Lucy starting some private sessions, every two weeks at first ramping up to weekly as we got closer to the wedding. I wanted to lose the weight I had gained in lockdown, but also feel fitter, stronger and healthier so I felt the best me on my wedding day.

    Lucy was amazing, taking on board all my goals and encouraging and motivating me to stick with the exercises. I lost the weight, but more importantly over the year felt so much stronger. I was gradually lifting heavier weights and my arms felt toned and my core has never been so strong! Lucy knew the parts of my body I was most anxious about and tailored exercises to target those areas to help build my confidence.
    Lucy helped me with my diet too, I am a really fussy eater but with her support was eating salmon by the time of the wedding (a big step for someone who never ate fish!)
    I was so nervous about how I was going to look in my wedding dress and having Lucy support me and reassure me took one less stress away for me.  I would highly recommend Lucy for anyone looking to get fitter, happier and healthier, whatever the end goal!

  • Every session was different and enjoyable

    Julie , Wrington

    "I signed up for one to one sessions with Lucy in her home gym during the winter months as I struggle to exercise when it’s cold outside. Every session was different and enjoyable. I felt Lucy really listened to what I hoped to achieve and tailored the sessions accordingly. She has given me the confidence I needed to feel able to attend her circuit training sessions. Thank you Lucy"

  • Lucy made me feel comfortable straight away


    *I used to use every excuse to try and get out of doing exercise. I had been working away from home for 3 years, living on hotel food and generally being very lazy. I realised something had to change when my sister was 3 months pregnant and still lighter than me! At first I was nervous, I hated exercising in front of people and felt very self-conscious. But Lucy made me feel comfortable straight away and after a few sessions I instantly started seeing improvements. The sessions that we did together were actually fun, which I wasn't expecting, and varied enough so that I didn't get bored and wanted to keep going. Lucy also helped me with food planning which I really enjoyed. After 7 months I had lost a stone, 14 inches and got down to the size 10 I wanted to be for a long time. Without the help and support Lucy gave me I just wouldn't have got there on my own. My confidence has grown and Lucy has taught me so much about what my body is actually capable of doing. If you are looking to get in to shape and have fun I would highly recommend Lucy and OneLife.

  • My pt sessions with you have been life changing

    Amanda , Wrington

    "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help over the last year. My pt sessions with you have been life changing and affirming! Iv achieved things I’d only dreamt of. My improved fitness and confidence has helped me skipper our boat across the English Channel and enjoy fabulous trekking in the Canadian Rockies, climbing altitudes of 7-8000 ft!! Thank you so much Amanda."