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Onelife provides high quality personal training and fitness classes in and around the Bristol area. It was originally founded in 2012 by Lucy, and has grown from strength to strength in the years since. In 2016 Lucy’s husband Gary joined the Onelife team to form a team of experienced trainers focused on helping you reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to train for a specific event, lose those unwanted lbs, increase you’re strength/lean mass or simply just want to exercise, the OneLife team are there to help.

Low motivation, low self-esteem, and time constraints from a busy lifestyle are common barriers that regularly prevent people from using a gym or exercising. Onelife offer personalised training sessions which are adapted to your current ability and develop as you progress over the weeks. Your trainer will assist you every step of the way to establish realistic goals for fitness and nutrition. Whilst working closely with you to make sure you know exactly how you are going to achieve them, together.

The training sessions aim to take the stress out of exercise by coming to you, saving you time and the inconvenience and cost of a gym membership that you may never use!

All Training sessions are varied, fun and challenging. They can take place I’m and around central Bristol from your home, at your work place, a local park or in our BS3 studio. We also focus on the North Somerset area (Wrington and surrounding Villages) where we also have a studio space. Onelife believes everyone can achieve their goals with the correct training, coaching and nutrition.

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    • I have lost inches all over and feel absolutely fantastic

      Laura Hobbs, 31, Hengrove,

      *I started my training 6 months ago with Lucy in an attempt to tone up for my wedding day. Lucy listened carefully to my goals and tailor made my sessions to work mainly on my arms. Each session is varied and interesting. I have lost inches all over and feel absolutely fantastic, especially on my wedding day. I have chosen to keep up my training after the wedding as Lucy is now training me for my first 10k, which i'm very excited about. All round Lucy has been a fab trainer and I would recommend her to anyone.

    • I have found Lucy’s approach flexible and willing to accommodate meeting times

      Luigi Lattuce, 30, Stoke Bishop,

      *I have a very busy work schedule that always comes first however I have found Lucy's approach flexible and willing to accommodate meeting times for our one on one sessions. In addition the sessions are ALWAYS structured and progress is effectively monitored and this is really important to me as I like to see progress made! Really tough/exerting sessions but very rewarding, keep up the good work Lucy!

    • My family and friends are impressed with the six pack stomach I am developing

      Amy Newton, 33, Clifton,

      *I've been using Onelife for a number of months now. My family and friends are impressed with the six pack stomach I am developing and i've lost inches all over. However the real results are in my personal bests. I've smashed half an hour off my 10K time in just 5 months. Lucy gives great advice and encouragement both in terms of the fitness coaching and nutrition. Unlike some PTs she doesn't stand on the side lines, she is with you all the way.

    • I’m so pleased with the end result

      Lucy Schike, Bedminster Down,

      *I Couldn't have done this with out you Lucy. I'm so pleased with the end result - all the hard work & burpies was worth it!! Thank you so much for all the personalised training sessions to help me get wedding dress trim & ready!!

    • Lucy is encouraging and will push you knowing you can always do a little bit more

      Vicky, 40, Emersons Green,

      *I spent a lot of time researching personal trainers so that I knew I would get the right one for me and I can say I am glad I took that time and found Lucy. No two sessions were the same so no chance of getting bored, the sessions were hard but manageable leaving me with a real sense of achievement as I worked out doing exercises I would never normally do. I never once felt intimidated which when you are a bit out of shape is important, Lucy is encouraging and will push you knowing you can always do a little bit more. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions, thank you.
    • I feel much happier

      Jackie – Filton,

      *I can't explain how depressed I felt about my weight before I came to you. After trying slimming world which did not work for me at all I had really given up & my eating was really out of control. I knew I had to do something and the rest is history as they say. I'm eating food in your food planners that I never thought I'd eat & what's more the food is lovely. I lost over 2 stone in 12 weeks thanks to Lucy. I feel much happier, confident & have even started jogging which I never thought I'd be able to do.

    • I have become very addicted to exercise

      Emma Smith, 40, Southville,

      *Lucy I want to say a big thank you to you. I have lost over 1.5 stone, dropped a dress size and bizarrely become very addicted to exercise. I went to get a new pair of jeans yesterday and have dropped 4 inches from my waist and come home with a pair of skinny jeans. Thanks you!

    • I look and feel healthier than I ever have before

      Beccy Baxter, Whitchurch,

      *Lucy has a very motivated attitude towards helping people to achieve their goals. Her group classes are a healthy mixture of fun and hard graft made up of people of mixed abilities to which Lucy can very easily adapt her sessions to. I felt I could achieve in an environment that supported me rather than hold me back or leave me behind. For once I felt motivated to exercise. The results I have achieved with Lucy, I have never come close to before. After 6 months I had achieved a massive 4 stone weight loss and I had dropped 2 jeans sizes! I look and feel healthier than I ever have before. But most importantly I have now successfully passed my medical and fitness tests for entry in to the Royal Air Force – an ambition I have had for a very long time which is now suddenly achievable thanks to Lucy!

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